We bring you some exclusive insight into the mindset of PYT’s travel bloggers. Leaving aside popular backpacking destinations like Thailand, Vietnam or Spain. We bring you their
personal picks-

1. Cambodia
For approx. $20, Cambodia provides you transportation throughout the country which is insane. And for just $2, you can have a meal on the street and Cambodia offers some finger-licking good street food. Whilst an air-conditioned room can be rented between $15-$20, this country offers beautiful sights to visit and the people here are very hospitable. Gander at this planning guide for more info.
Currency- 1USD=4096 Cambodian Riel

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2. India
From the mighty Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, India has too much to offer. Getting more than 60 rupees for a dollar, you can find comfortable staying options (A.C. guest houses) and decent food (roadside eateries) to chew on, whilst surviving on $30-$40 a day.
The northern part of India is primarily mountainous and thronged by backpackers from Israel, Australia and America. Here’s a brief guide to plan your first trip.

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3. Australia
Don’t just frown yet coz backpacking through Australia can be cheap because of numerous work-exchange properties. Even though the prices in the country have surged, its currency has plunged by a good 20 percent. There are some serious budget backpacker trails. Also,
groceries are cheap and you can find plenty Couchsurfing hosts for sleep. Planning guide here.
1USD=1.27 Australian Dollar

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4. China
A budget destination, you can spend around $30 a day and live in a clean hotel and have modest meals. Hosting ‘The Great Wall of China’, the country’s interior still remains a real bargain whereas accommodation and food in big cities is not meant for budget travellers. Go through this guide to understand the country better and just a heads-up, Chinese dishes can get a little overbearing at times.
1USD= 6 Chinese Yuan

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5. South Korea
Kept the most underrated destination at the last spot. Unlike its insane geographical cousin (Yes. North K), South Korea is an alluring destination as its pricing matches with that of Southeast Asian countries. Along with a rocking nightlife, this country remains an excellent offbeat budget destination. With 7-eleven selling beers for less than a dollar and cheap food, your budget is safe. For more info, here’s the ever-so-helpful planning guide for you.
1USD=1131 South Korean Won.

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