1. Mexico City, Mexico– Street stalls serving tortillas, tacos and tlacoyos topped with cheese and salsa sauce are ubiquitous throughout the city of Mexico. If visiting the city, sip on some atole drinks usually made from rice, corn and even chocolate. Try out tamale which includes masa (corn dough) pouches filled with sweet fillings and wrapped in banana leaves.Eateries like El Borrego Viudo serving tacos and Puesto de Flautas for rolled corn tortillas should be on your ‘must-visit’ list by all means.

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2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam– We simply cannot omit mentioning about the place on Pham Ngu Lao street known for serving delicious BBQ pork and rice. If pork is not your thing, chow down on a native preparation called pho which includes warm noodles in clear broth and is almost the staple food of the city.In addition, Banh mi sandwich is another popular Vietnamese eatable exported to different countries.

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3. Miami, United States– Seemingly, one of the most laid-back city in the United States, Miami City beach houses an interesting assortment of eating joints. And as ironical as it sounds, Miami offers amazing Cuban food and the humble Cubano sandwich is a mouth-watering testament to this. Also, it would be a crime to forsake Miami food trucks. Such ‘pop-up’ restaurants viz. Da Burger Shack, Original Greek and Extreme Risotto Fusion amongst others can curb even the most eccentric cravings.

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4. Rio, Brazil– Covering the beaches here can get you tired but frozen popsicles (sacoles), perfect to quench your thirst come straight out of the abundance of tropical fruits here.Try Empada pastries served by the beaches. Filled with tender chicken pieces coupled with cheese, you’re all set for a hearty lunch to take you through the evening. Or if your body is hosting munchies/ binge-eating on a permanent/regular basis then try Pào de queijo (cheese bread) which is essentially cheese bread dough made up of soft cheese and cassava (or yucca). A perfect snack to have anytime during the day.

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5. Beijing, China– Surprisingly well-hidden and amidst the narrow alleys is The Jiumen Snack Street.
The vendors are considered humble when they claim to make up to 200 dishes. The number is higher and the food is excellent. From offering spicy Sichuan dishes to steaming bowls of noodles, these streets (Jiumen and Wangfujing) can help you experiment with food in a major way. Deep fried scorpions and seahorses bathed in different sauces are spiked on wooden sticks and eaten as quick snacks. And if you are a shrimp lover, holla at the Guijie or Ghost street which offers hot and spicy shrimps for all the night owls as it is open till 4 in the morning.

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