Italy- The country which boasts of the richest food heritage and biodiversity in the world is going to host a massive 20-acre theme park in the historic city of Bologna.

Image Courtesy – Eataly World

Considered as the largest project in this category, it took roughly $106 million to transform the dream of Eataly World into a reality. FICO (Fabrica Italiana Contadina) estimates that this enormous project will attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

Well, can’t say about millions for now but just go through the synopsis of this behemoth of a project and maybe you can decide if it’s time to plan a visit or not.

Image Courtesy – Eataly World

Within this 20-acre-park, the visitors will have plenty of sights to savour and behold. There are 40 farming factories which will organise tours to let the visitors see and experience how cheese is produced and preserved. Processes like the production of beer, pasta, and oil can also be witnessed by the visitors.

And if you’re the type who simply likes to relish the ‘end-product’ at the table, then for the likes of you, the park further accommodates 40 restaurants and myriad of food stalls serving pizza, pasta, and other delicacies. All in all, the food scene here is insane and can overwhelm even the most hard-core gastronomes.

Image Courtesy – Eataly World

Then there’s a wide array of tours including the FICO Grand Tour which helps you explore the park. You can satiate your curiosity and delve into a little history by purchasing tickets to Man And Earth which take you through the unique value of Italian Biodiversity and help you understand the real identity of this country.

For people accompanied by little kids, Eataly World hosts Agribottega Children Creativity Lab wherein your kids can understand the art of recycling and reuse. The workshops here are designed to nourish the inner artist of every child and offer a unique learning experience.

Image Courtesy – Eataly World

Along with half-dozen educational rides, Eataly World also has a collection of shops and marketplaces so that you can buy your own memento out of this gigantic structure. Also, it is safe to say that this theme park brings together all the diverse aspects this country has to offer.

To have more information reach you, we are attaching the link to the amazing video produced by FICO. Take a gander to witness the scale and understand the concept of this exceptional project and whenever you plan to visit, don’t forget to pack your stretchy pants.

Video credits- FICO

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