One of the most awaited days of the year, Christmas has emerged as a global festival and marks a great time for traveling. Having seen how Christmas is celebrated in your country, it is time to find how other cultures and countries celebrate this day.
We bring you some of the best places to spend this year’s Christmas-

New York, USA-
Of course, how can we even start without the city that never sleeps. Ruling the roost, New York brings you the Rockefeller Center hosting the tallest Christmas tree and the legendary Big Apple. Window displays in departmental stores are nothing short of fascinating. The vibe of the city is electric and ice skating is a must for every visitor.

Tokyo, Japan-
Japanese-style feast includes fried chicken which is usually followed by sponge cake topped with fresh cream and strawberries. Back in the day, New Year used to be more important than Christmas. But now, Non-Christians have embraced Christmas and you can identify the excitement through fairy-lit decorations and lights. Although the city does not enjoy a holiday on the 25th, it is still a sight to behold over-the-top decorations and lights.

Midnight Mass, The Vatican, Italy-
Don’t let the religious connotations associated with the place compel you to think if the residents know how to celebrate or not. Bringing in the maximum number of pilgrims, The Vatican hosts the Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on the eve of Christmas. Even though the city is magical at any given time of the year, Christmas is celebrated with all the fervor which brings out a different flavor.

Montreal, Canada-
Geographically close to the European coast, this is a city which allows a considerable amount of European flavor giving rise to the perfect dichotomy of fine Canadian aspects and European celebratory styles. The second-largest city in Canada will most probably let you witness a white Christmas. Whereas the downtown appears wrapped in strings of thousands of lights thus setting the mood for the holiday.

Cape Town, South Africa-
Well, if you’re looking to escape chilly winter days, Cape Town has got you covered with its summer vibes. You can enjoy shopping at numerous holiday markets or indulge in soul-satisfying, five-course, Christmas Eve meal at the renowned Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa.

Bruges, Belgium-
Having a charm of its own, Bruges fits naturally into Christmas. There are usual markets and innumerable ice rinks for recreating. The town somehow wears a look which is subtle and picturesque.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-
Celebrating Christmas with grandeur can at times feel like an understatement because Dubai does nothing which is simple or ordinary. From arranging Santa Claus giving night tuck-ins on the Christmas eve to heading to Atlantis in order to have a 3-hour dining experience, The people of Dubai celebrate the festival with pomp and show. The tree lightings and decorations pain the otherwise desert town in vivid colors which simply shows that anything is possible in this city.

From covering the most happening cities to the ones that prefer a fine-drawn Christmas, we hope you’ll be able to take your pick and pack your bags.

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