In the last blog, we tried to narrow down on the major crisis faced by the Travel Industry. We mentioned how the presence of the big players will never let the ‘information-reservoir’ go dry but at the same time, it is a cumbersome task to ascertain the reliability of this enormous amount of info. 

There’s the air of uncertainty swirling around every single review out there and especially with the content managers hiring individuals to ‘write reviews’, the playing field is not even. 

Imagine you’re trying to book a hotel for your much-awaited yearly vacation and you hop onto a website which is popular for hosting countless reviews. After some ‘reading’ you end up booking the hotel but it is certainly not how it was described by people. 

Now, this is not an individual’s problem per se, it is much bigger than that because like you, there are thousands of other people who will fall prey to this. This is exactly where Picture Your Travel comes to your rescue and prevents such malpractices. 

With PYT, we’ve tried to empower all the genuine travelers. Here’s how- 

Trust- Do you recall how easy it is to know about a place that’s already been visited by your friend! You just need to get in touch with that friend and ask for all the details you seek. It is simple and for obvious reasons, it inspires trust at a very basic level. 
Because, instead of reading reviews posted by people you’ve never known or met, you have your friends at your disposal to extract actionable information.
With Picture Your Travel, you can have all your friends and invite them to your network. Our app. lets you invite as many friends as you want. And the best part here is, that this strengthens your network, with each new friend you’ll be able to cover more & more destinations. You can further grow your network by inviting family members and your colleagues as well.

Now, while the first part is about adding friends, family members and colleagues to create a trustworthy network, the advantage is that follows can be quantified in terms of Reliability of content. 

As users from your network start posting pictures of- destinations they have covered, restaurants, museums, and parks, amongst others, it triggers the circulation of reliable information which is consumed by people who belong to different networks. 

So far, this is how PYT intends to solve two of the major problems faced by the industry. Trust and Reliability. 
We aim to ensure that every traveler ends up creating a solid travel-network whilst gaining access to reliable information. 

Further, we provide just the right features for every user to plan their travel journeys. Our app. brings along it’s travel planning feature which lets you plan as and when you want to. We also boast of a chat feature where our users can share travel pictures and get first hand travel tips from their friends.

In the next blog, we will be writing about the in-app features which will help you understand how all the credible information can be put to better use by helping you plan your travel journeys.

Stay tuned.

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