Did you know that an average person is going to spend 30-40 hours (over a span of 2 months) for planning their next vacation?
From booking flights, searching and finalizing hotels to conducting general research regarding the destination and nearby places to visit. And this time frame tends to increase if the traveler is visiting a new city or country. All over the world, travelers are spending enormous intervals of time in preparing their travel journeys.

Here’s why :

    a. We have a remarkable amount of information at our disposal but its scattered all over the place.
    b. We come across thousands of pictures on various social networking sites but our inner skeptic doubts the authenticity of the picture.
    c. Hundreds of travel applications but none which covers all the aspects of travel planning.

From providing the much-needed travel inspiration to sharing of our travel escapades. From allowing us to devise a customizable travel plan to letting us book hotels and restaurants.

These are precisely the reasons why we as travelers have everything at our fingerprints, yet end up putting in serious hours for researching info and finding travel content. To be honest, this is not fun at all. It’s cumbersome and not everyone’s cup of tea.

With Picture Your Travel (PYT) as your default travel application, the three aforementioned concerns can be effectively remedied.

The concept and uses of building a travel network within PYT

Picture Your Travel is the only travel app which lets every user build or create a personalized travel network; consisting of all your ‘travel buddies.’

Yes, you can choose and invite people you want to travel with or seek inspiration from.
It is like any social media profile wherein you have followers or friends. The basic difference here relates to the travel-centric nature of the app.

Once your network is in place, you can share pictures within the same network. Share your travel-content with your friends, family, and other travel buddies.

You can geotag places like restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, parks, or any tourist attraction.
And for every new place you geotag within PYT, we create a profile page or what we call as the location information page of the place.
You can share your reviews here and your friends can see it and use that info to plan their trips. It’s simple and easy.

Gradually, your network will grow and your friends can come together to share actionable travel content within these networks. So far, every user within PYT is coming up with 48 unique locations. Imagine if you have a network of 10 friends. Wow, that is close to 500 different locations within your travel-network.
That’s actionable content being produced every day. You won’t have to worry about banking on that info because its pooled-in by people you know.
This effectively reduces the time consumed looking for actionable information because with PYT you now have curated info at your fingertips.

Inspiration to Travel!
You woke up in the morning. Check out the PYT notifications raving about 10 new locations discovered by your friend from the network.
Turns out your friend ‘X’ is visiting a new country and posting pictures within PYT.
Now, geotags help you know the exact location. You have your friend who can share genuine information about this new city.
That’s going to inspire you to travel to this place. isn’t it? You have the perfect dose of inspiration backed by authentic content, shared by someone you personally know.

What can you do now?
You can simply convert that inspiration into a viable travel plan. Select these newly discovered places and add them to your PYT travel plan. Don’t worry about adding multiple places or cities because we can handle that.
We will devise the perfect travel plan for you and yes, you can still customize it further, however you like. That has convenience written all over it.

So to conclude, you have the perfect inspiration to travel.
You have that actionable and reliable info at your disposal. So, this means no extended hours in finding reliable content. Use what your friends are sharing.
Then you got the travel plan which lets you add or remove places while you’re on the go. And then the final step of booking places and voila, you planned your next trip without hopping onto different websites or travel apps.
All of this done on a single platform. All you got to do is pack your bags and don’t forget to share your escapade with your network. Post your travel journeys with us. Because that’s how your network keeps on growing and inspiring others.
Let’s bid adieu to fake or paid reviews and let’s not just share pictures and wait for comments or likes. Let your travels speak for themselves. Let your stories reach out far and wide.
Good luck.

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