We just have to agree that our bloggers have an amazing knack for finding places that are like a relaxation haven for an individual’s mind, body and even the soul.
PYT bloggers took it upon themselves to discover the 5 best spas from around the world. They traveled to different countries and visited all the popular spa and resorts and now after a 2-month long quest, they’ve finally narrowed it down to 5 best spas in the world.

VIVAMAYR Altausee, Austria
Offering the perfect combination for all those searching for rest, relaxation and health, this luxurious health resort is located in the Austrian Alps.
Some of the rooms of the resort offer a splendid view of the lake which is a sight to wake up to. The resort employs a team of therapists and doctors who develop an individual therapy program for each guest.
If you plan to visit this resort, be prepared to be pampered and treated like a dignitary and don’t feel surprised if you feel or notice a significant improvement in your overall health and well-being. Because they’re exceptionally good at what they do.

L’Albereta Resort, Italy
Identified as one of the best luxury spa hotels in Italy, L’Albereta ‘s Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA is the space which is exclusively dedicated to self-care and absolute well-being.
With a qualified team of 30 professionals which includes Doctors, Osteopaths, Beauticians, Dietitians and Therapists, the set-up here is extremely alluring and the entire place looks remarkably beautiful and quaint.
During our three-day stay, we went through hydro-treatments and different fitness regimes and we collectively swear that each one of us felt as if we had reprogrammed our bodies to feel fitter and better.

This area of 2000 square meters is opulent but at the same time, the vibe here is enchanting, to say the least. Vast swimming pool with 5 whirlpools, private cabins for treatment, gymnasium, and therapies that put you in direct contact with nature- This place has got everything that will help you unwind like never before.

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland
Nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Clinique La Prairie is a pioneering medical retreat that brings you the best of cell therapy, science, and holistic wellness.
Offering an almost panoramic view of the Alps and clear waters of the beautiful Lake Geneva, La Prairie’s ultimate aim is to satiate the emotional, psychological and physical needs of each and every guest they have. The medical spa here offers traditional as well as tech-savvy therapies, both aimed at nourishing your body from within. If given a chance, we’d simply love to visit this place every year.

Fusion Maia, Vietnam
‘Lose yourself to find yourself,’
With this belief, Fusion Maia Da Nang qualifies as not just a resort but a way of life.
Offering a strong emphasis on wellness and introducing refreshingly original concepts, Fusion Maia is an ideal place for travelers, families, honeymooners, and couples.

During our stay, we interacted with a lot of travelers and we were pleasantly surprised to know that each one of them had satisfying or invigorating experience at the resort. The vibe at the resort is positive, to say the least, and the staff is very courteous.

Like other renowned resorts, the spa here offers a variety of programs to take on. What we observed and really liked during our stay here was the fact that the set-up here is more human-eccentric rather than depending on machines. The therapies here make use of natural products chosen diligently by their team of medical professionals and therapists.

Schloss Elmau, Germany
Grand. Extravagant. Palatial. Swanky. Harmonious. Unruffled.
Personally, we feel all the aforementioned adjectives don’t do complete justice to the grandeur of this beautiful luxury resort and spa. The resort has a Michelin-star restaurant within its premises and during our conversations with a few families, we realized that Schloss Elmau has a wide range of activities for kids.
So, for families planning to visit this resort, we can assure that you’ll have all the time to yourselves as the kids will be busy engaging in activities arranged by the staff here.
The location of this resort is enough to put you at ease. It’s located in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of the Bavarian Alps and the hospitality here comes with no bounds or limitations.
From experiencing the deafening sound of silence to biking to the lake, from nourishing yourself in the Yoga retreat to seeking mental refuge in the cultural hideaway, Schloss Elmau brings you all and everything, right when you want it.

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