All set to explore a secret beach?
Get ready for your next adventure as we bring you a list of stunning ocean hideaways filled with underwater marine life and breathtaking views!!!

Phu Quoc- Vietnam
Sitting just off the coast of Cambodia, this unassuming Vietnamese island is among Asia’s best-kept secrets. Although Phu Quoc is where most of the tourist activities take place, the district has more than 28 islands and most of them are uninhabited (for now) as tourism companies are planning to construct private resorts on some of these islands.
The island enjoys an average temperature of around 27°c which is ideal for sunbathing.
Best months to visit; December- March.

Khanom Island- Thailand
We’ve often heard our bloggers describing Khanom as ‘A hidden paradise with Pink Dolphins.’ And that is just not where they want to stop talking about this unspoiled gem.
Nestled amidst jungle-clad mountains, Khanom offers a turquoise warm sea to its visitors. The town identifies with a relaxed way of life and for now, it is completely off the bounds of tourism. You can also discover natural fish spas which are located alongside beautiful rivers.
Best months to visit; November-April

Great Santa Cruz Island- The Philippines
Famous for its pink coralline sand, Great Santa Cruz is a small inhabited island in Zamboanga City in the Philippines. The island started attracting tourists during the decade 1970-1980 but it has not yet been commercialized by the local government.
There are some quaint guest houses to stay but hardly any eateries on this island.
The place is extremely clean and it is amongst the handful of pink beaches around the world.
The landscape here is a treat to the eyes and the good news is that its never crowded with tourists as the authorities allow only 200 people to visit every day.
Best months to visit; November-May

Lord Howe Island- New South Wales
With only 400 visitors allowed in a day, this beautiful Island in Australia qualifies as the perfect beach vacation for many. You can enjoy a barbecue on the beach or stay in a luxury accommodation.
The marine life is exquisite and you can see up to 90 coral species as well as reef fish. You can even rent a cycle here and explore the island on your own.
From families to couples there is just about enough for everyone here.
And please note that, you’ll be sharing this island with seabirds as they come in huge number here to nest every single year.
Best months to visit; September-May

Muriwai Beach-New Zealand

Famous for its cliff-top gannet colony, the viewing platforms of this beach render sweeping views far over the Tasman Sea.
More than 1200 pairs of gannets migrate here to nest between the months of August and March.
There is a local surf school for adrenaline seekers. Get ready to explore the island by renting a bike and greet the ocean using surfboards.
Adults can also play a round of golf at a nearby course while breathing in the crisp sea air.
Best months to visit; September-January

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