You can make your way through any travel app or visit the blog of any famous travel blogger and come across beautiful pictures of different locations, but if you can’t find the names of these locations, it just does not feel right.
After all, what good is any place or destination if we don’t know where is it located.
Suppose your friend shares the picture of a splendid waterfall with you and does not tell you anything about the country or city.

Get the point?
Within PYT, every user has discovered more than 50 locations and that has only been possible because we allow our users to geotag every picture they upload with us. With so many places being discovered every day, it makes perfect sense to geotag each and every picture you upload on PYT. Here’s why-

1. Location Information Page-
Every location gets to have a location info page. This is the page where users can write reviews (pertaining to the place) and check out if their friends have visited. This page won’t even exist if users don’t geotag pictures before uploading.

2. Nearby Places-
The bottom of the location info page shows all the nearby places.
For any user, it is extremely convenient to check out the nearby places and it definitely helps you plan your trip in a much more effective way. Once you know all the major attractions in the vicinity of the place you’re planning to visit, it opens a lot of options for you and makes it easier for you to discover and visit different places.

3. Travel Plan-
You can easily create a travel plan on the basis of these geotagged images. Moreover, our travel plan is flexible and offers plenty of customizations for the users.

Companies have always raved about how geotagging has changed the concept of sharing photos. The additional and relevant information about the destination or place that comes along is just not meant to be ignored.
With PYT, as you add a geotag to every image you upload, you’re simply creating a better database and further, your pictures won’t just inspire others but help them in planning an exciting travel plan.

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