The Co-Founders of Picture Your Travel (PYT) realized that there was an ever-expanding chasm between the scale of travel-content available on the internet and its immediate reliability.

This somehow propelled them to conceptualize a travel-app which could create actionable and authentic travel-content. An app where every user could place a definitive amount of trust on every little piece of information.
With the presence of multiple considerations embedded within the functionality of the app, the Co-Founders came up with an idea wherein users could create a dedicated travel-network comprising of people they’re familiar with i.e. friends and family members.
This way users seek reliable travel information from their respective networks and are motivated to expand their reach across the globe.

That is how we’re different to every other travel-app that you’ve probably used so far.
Within PYT, you just need to invite your friends and family members and start building a travel-network where every member can upload pictures and punch-in reliable travel info which will be available to everyone in your travel ecosystem.

It is essentially one of the simplest ways of sharing and simultaneously generating authentic user-content about travel.
Currently, the app accommodates a number of hosts like restaurants, museums, nightclubs, lounges and other avenues, discovered solely by someone’s friend or family member.

It is gradually shaping into a social travel-network where users consume content or travel info off the people they personally know. This is bound to infuse that much-needed element of trust in travel planning, which in turn makes it extremely easy to plan an escapade.

For an instance, if a user from your network posts pictures of a city, thanks to our geotagging feature, every picture will contain bits of information that you can actually use to plan a trip. You won’t have to hop onto another website or a blog to search for relevant information for that particular place. More importantly, the source of those inspiring pictures is none other than your friends and family and not a stranger. This definitely changes the dynamic of consumption and actionability of data.

As a user of this app, you can assure yourself that you don’t need to put in serious hours for spotting trustworthy travel-content about a particular country, city, location or even an establishment.
And this is only possible when you create a personalized network inviting your friends and familymembers regardless of where they live.

Let’s bring the trust back in travel-planning. Let us plan faster. Let us plan better.


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