The journey to become a leading travel influencer is unequivocally arduous and it requires more than just dumb luck and hard work. There are so many aspects and variables embedded within this process, that a majority of travelers give up at some point and then there are some who spend years generating quality content but lack a decent platform to showcase it.

Thanks to overwhelming competition within the travel industry, only the best of the best get to wear the throne and charge top dollar for generating content which is subsequently consumed by millions of other travelers.

With PYT’s badging system, we’re simply trying to facilitate a fair fight for every aspiring traveler out there. All you have to do is climb up the ladders of our badging system and become a leading travel influencer within Picture Your Travel (PYT).

Our badging system is plain and simple. You need to unlock all the 4 badges to become a leading travel influencer on our platform. But remember, the only definitive way to unlock every travel badge is to increase the number of discoveries you have within Picture Your Travel.
More Uploads -> More Discoveries
As you keep on uploading your travel pictures on our platform, we will keep a track of the number of locations you’ve discovered. Every new location will boost the count and help you climb the ladders of our badging system.

With more discoveries, your profile will permeate multiple travel networks ensuring that your work reaches out to travelers across the globe.
And if you become our leading travel influencer, we will: –
1. Feature your profile amongst multiple private and public networks.
2. Rank your profile at the top of the feed which will boost the visibility of your profile and content.

There’s much more to it but for now, this is all we can divulge. We hope you like the idea and would love to hear from you.
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