Surviving a long-haul flight in a stuffy aircraft cabin can be a challenging task. However, with the right travelling essentials, you can make your way through a 15-hour flight and emerge relaxed and ready to start your vacation when you touch down.

At PYT, our driving force is to facilitate an enriching travelling experience for every traveller. So, while you use our app to devise a comprehensive travel plan, our bloggers wanted to dish out a list of survival tips so that you have a better overall experience.

Finding the right seat– Although a no brainer, but let’s face it; 15-20 hour long flight is like a sitting marathon and it’s important to find the right seat which takes care of your preferences.
For instance; People who like moving around the plan to stretch their legs or use the loo frequently should definitely opt for aisle seats.
And if you’re looking to stay away from crying children on a flight, we suggest you avoid sitting at the front.

Dress right– It is extremely important to wear the most comfortable clothes you have in your wardrobe. But keep in mind that you’ll have to wear a few layers of clothing so that you don’t shiver because of the aircon system. We also suggest wearing closed toed shoes rather than flip-flops as it offers better protection and helps you brisk walk or even run.

Cabin luggage– Trust us, you don’t want to be that annoying passenger who tries to shove the big suitcase or bag into the overhead lockers.
Ideally, just carry a cabin bag accompanied by a smaller handbag. It will help you pack all the things you need to have a comfortable flight.

Hydration and Snacking– It can get very dry inside an aircraft cabin so we suggest you to keep yourself hydrated. So, avoid consuming alcohol, coffee or tea in excessive quantities.
Keep a reusable water bottle handy and keep drinking water at regular intervals. In addition bring along fibre-rich snacks like nuts, cereal bars or dry fruits. These will help you cruise through the long-long flights without experiencing those insatiable hunger pangs.

Get ready to sleep– Ever noticed how frequent flyers carry travel pillows that help them during their naps. That is because a good travel pillow will probably be your best companion and keep you away from experiencing that dreadful neck ache.
Put on a nice pair of earplugs and a sleep mask and you’re all set to ignore unnecessary noises or disturbance caused by fellow passengers.

The right airline– Turn on your research mode and visit a few websites to read reviews. It’ll help you have an idea about the kind of food they serve and most importantly, you can compare things like leg-room measurements and so on. Make a mental note of your preferences and compare against the standards of service and comfort provided by the airline. We suggest you book flight tickets with airlines rated as good for long-haul flights.

Talk to fellow passengers– You never know if you end up sitting next to an interesting individual who has tons of interesting stories or anecdotes to share. So, talk to people and try to strike a conversation. Every passenger has a reason for travelling and we’re pretty sure that it won’t hurt to know their story.

That’s it, folks. Our bloggers have literally tried and tested all the aforementioned survival trips and we’re proud to tell you that they have worked for them, time and again.
Let us know about any concern you have or you can always share your long-haul experience in the comment section.
Thanks for reading and safe flying.

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