Beside smartphones achieving the omnipresent status, it has become a habit to take pictures during an escapade. We all do it and strive to capture frames to the best of our ability.

We’re constantly uploading our pictures on digital platforms. Our travel-pictures are no longer confined to a smartphone’s memory or a hard drive. The digital copies of our excursions are out there inspiring our immediate circle and even people we’ve never met or interacted with.

All this is dandy but there’s something that bothers me a lot. The fact that we don’t have a travel app where our precious pictures can be skillfully curated into everlasting travel memories. Yes, there are a handful of apps where we can upload and store but what about curation?

Thankfully, I stumbled onto Picture Your Travel (PYT)– The only app wherein pictures can be aptly curated to create a dedicated world-travel-album. So far, I have used multiple apps but with the list of features embedded within the app, it feels that PYT might become the best travel app in the coming years.

For starters, it is an effective trip planner with a highly customizable travel plan. That’s a big plus for someone who wants to cover a maximum number of places within a short span of time. Of course, it has the regular travel app features which let you share pictures and chat with people as well.

But personally, I am a fan of how PYT curates travel memories. I have seldom seen or used a travel app which categorizes pictures according to locations. The app also offers two convenient options of-
1. Creating a post with a single location.
2. Creating a story whilst posting pictures from multiple locations.

As of now, I cannot think of a better way to upload and subsequently curate my travel memories in a better fashion. Wait, did I mention how every picture can also be curated according to the interest category? There are more than 15 interest categories that can be assigned to your travel pictures.

I guess I have made my point here. Like me, if you also feel that you need an app where you can store your precious travel memories curated according to locations and interest categories, just click on the download link below and hop onto PYT to create a profile.

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