There’s hardly anything that matches the thrill of discovering a new place on your own. As a travel blogger with Picture Your Travel (PYT), I have had the privilege to backpack across various countries and quite frankly, each and every trip has been a revelation in its own.

Don’t get me wrong- Traveling with friends is exciting and it has its own set of perks, but solo travel offers a set of advantages that are just too unique to forego.

Here are some of my top picks:

Absolute Freedom

This is by far the most rewarding part for a solo wanderer. The sheer scale of having the freedom to visit any place or to indulge in any activity is no less than a treat. Because, when you travel with your friends, you have to be considerate enough to make room for your friends’ plans.

But a solo traveler is bound by none. You can be totally selfish and not mess with anyone’s expectations. You can explore the city at your own pace while visiting the places you dig. Participate in all those activities you want to and spend time according to your preferences. Is there anything better than this?

Meeting people and making friends

I can barely remember a solo trip where I haven’t made new friends. During every solo trip, I have had the pleasure to hang out with travelers who belonged to different cities and countries. And trust me, it never took any extra effort to feel comfortable amidst those new faces.
There also have been numerous opportunities where I got to interact with the locals who helped me understand the place in a completely different manner.


If you ever visit a new country on your own, you’ll observe how important it is to rely on yourself and trust your gut feeling while trying to take the next best step.
Because there is no one around to influence or suggest you about what you should or need to do.That’s the time when you actually follow your heart and design your route.
It just helps you realize the unparalleled significance of deducing that when it comes to living it up, there’s no one who can do it on your behalf.

You’re likely to spend less

You don’t need to be a mathematician to understand that solo traveling is easier on your wallet.
From accommodation to meals, flight tickets to backpacking activities, you just have to spend for yourself while controlling the expenditure accordingly. In fact, you’re more likely to save during your travels.

Level up your confidence

Well, you have absolute freedom in terms of deciding your pace and expenditure. You’re meeting and hanging out with people for the first time. You’ll probably end up learning the local language of a newly explored city. And while you maneuver through all of this independently, your confidence levels are bound to increase as you’ve just realized that you can accomplish all of the above without your friends or family. That’s just wicked cool if you ask me.

If you’ve never tried solo traveling, I hope this motivates you. And if you dig solo traveling just like I do, then I hope this reminded you of your experiences. That’s it from our side, folks.
Good luck. Stay safe. Happy solo traveling.


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