Museums are like this crazy mirror that offers valuable insight into the history and everything eccentric. From remnants of an extinct species to clothing worn during respective world wars, there’s just about anything you can expect from a museum.

As popular tourist spots, museums across the globe are visited by plenty of tourists but have you ever wanted to spend a night at the museum? Yes, there are a couple museums that offer sleepovers for kids and their families. These sleepovers also include after-hours access to the exhibits. Want to take a look?

Carnegie Science Center (For All Ages)
United States

Located in Pittsburgh, The Carnegie Science Center offers themed museum sleepovers. The themes are intriguing not just for the kids but adults as well. Some examples are- Polar Express Sleepover, Engineering Challenge Sleepover, and the Beast Sleepover. The sleepover also contains free time where the participants can explore the exhibits of the museum. The sleepovers start at 6 in the evening and stretch till 9:30 am the next morning. So, it’s always comfy to bring a pillow or a sleeping bag for yourself.

Natural History Museum (Ages 5 and above)
United States

Dino Detectives, Extreme Flyers, Ice Age Adventures, and Once Upon A Butterfly. These themes just don’t boast of an intriguing title but consist of adventurous activities loved dearly by children.
Located in Los Angeles, the Natural History Museum offers a fun-filled sleepover and requests the guests to bring their flashlights and sleeping bags. Themed sleepovers begin at 7 in the evening and end by 9 in the morning.

Milwaukee Public Museum (Ages 6 to 12)
United States

Families can accompany their children in exploring the dark themed nights at the museum.
There is a planetarium show, discovery hunts and self-guided flashlight tours which are considered as a favorite by kids. They do provide a light snack for the evening and morning breakfast.
As the name suggests the museum is in Milwaukee and the timings are 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. which implies 12 hours of uninterrupted adventure and excitement.

The Hepworth Wakefield (Ages 5 to 12)

The children can be accompanied by an adult for a nominal charge of £15. The museum is located in West Yorkshire and the sleepover here consists of sculpture sessions, music making, storytelling and competitions with prizes. The charges for the sleepover at the museum are comparatively nominal £30. Kids are suggested to get some supper along with a toothbrush and nightwear.
In the morning, the guests are served breakfast and get to visit the gallery of exhibitions before it opens to the public.

Royal Ontario Museum (Ages 5 and up)

Finally, a museum where the ‘Night at the Museum’ is screened for the kids. There are craft and late night snack sessions as well.
FYI, a sleepover at the Royal Ontario Museum is often described as the ultimate pass for Toronto’s backstage museum. The guests also get the precious after-hours access to galleries of exhibitions.
The ROMKids sleepover is the perfect chance to have a family outing as the museum invites families and groups of any size.

We hope you’ll consider this list before planning for a museum sleepover. We wanted to keep things short and sweet so we’ve added links to websites of these museums. You can search for all the additional info there. Share with us if you’ve been to any of these museums or if you plan to in the coming months.

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