Land of the Rising Sun- Japan is an incredible country with an inspiring culture. Housing some of the friendliest and the politest nationals, this country has so much to offer in terms of landscape, temples, and traditions.
We bring some of the most fascinating photographs of Japan that are sure to leave you in awe of this amazing country.

1. There’s no other country wherein fishes can survive in a drainage channel.

2. Japanese discipline is remarkable and consistent regardless of place or situation. Something we all can learn from this amazing culture.

3. Meguro River, Tokyo-
The annual cherry blossoms create an arched canvas of blossoms over the Meguro River. A sight to behold, it is thronged by visitors for just about a week to witness this beautiful spectacle.

4. Shibuya Crossing-
Considered as the beating heart of Japan, this is one of the busiest crossings in the entire world sending people in different directions. During peak hours, it allows more than 3000 people to cross and maneuver their way without budging into each other.

5. Biei Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan-
Although a man-made reservoir, the pond embraces a magical blue colored sheet during the winter season. Best time to visit is between November and February.

6. Himeji Castle-
A splendid exhibit of Japanese architecture, this castle is located in Himeji, Japan. It is also called the ‘White Egret Castle’ or the ‘white Heron Castle.’

7. KinkakuJi Temple, Kyoto, Japan-
Notice carefully. The top two floors of this temple are covered in gold leaf.

8. Daigoji Temple, Kyoto, Japan-
This is how the temple looks during the autumn season.

9. Tottori Sand Dunes-
Part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park, these sand dunes stretch for 16 km along the coast of Sea of Japan.

10. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan-
Reckoned as the most stunning bamboo forest, it is a popular tourist destination.

We hope you liked these picturesque locations in Japan. Please keep some space in your bucket list as we will be adding more images from this spectacular country.

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