There are many places to visit in Auckland. It is one of the most liveable cities in the world but travelers often term it as an expensive city to be in.
Obviously, our travel bloggers don’t agree and have come up with a list of budget places that you can visit in this beautiful city. Let’s take a look.

Mission Bay
A fantastic waterfront suburb, Mission Bay has got some great places to eat and enjoy. Walk along the seafront to this bay and soak in spectacular views en route.
If walking is not your thing, then you can simply take a bus ride which will set you back for $4.50.
You can even take a dip in the sea and beat the heat old school style.

Auckland Museum
Museums tell so much about the city they belong to. The ticket here is $25 but we promise that it’s worth it. Visiting the museum is also one of the most popular things to do in Auckland. Take a look at its picture and then decide for yourself.

Waiheke Island
Ready to taste some free wine? Bet you are.
Start your day early and hop on a ferry (ticket-$36) to Waiheke Island. You can spend your entire day here and enjoy the sun and sand. If your budget allows you, you can even purchase some wine bottles. You can also cover some ground along the 40km coastline of this stunning island.
Tip- Check with your hotel-hostel if they have free ferry tickets for you.

Silo Park
A moment to rejoice for all the movie buffs reading this.
Why? Because you can watch a movie at Silo Park and it’ll cost you absolutely nothing. But don’t expect that during winters and on any day other than Friday.

Auckland Sky Tower
The view from the top is breath-taking and you just have to dish out $20 for this.
If you do have some spare cash to spend, then you can feed the adrenaline junkie within you and bungee jump off the tower.

Mt Eden
All the hiking enthusiasts out there, this is an excellent opportunity to discover and scale this unique land of mass.
Fun Fact– Mt Eden is actually an inactive volcano and it erupted for the last time around 15000 years ago.
The Mt Eden walk takes only about 2 hours and the top of the volcano offers a 360 degrees view of this amazing city.

Do visit these places whenever you plan to visit this amazing city. We hope you have a good time there while saving some valuable bucks. If you want to create another list of free places to checkout in Auckland, ping us.

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