Visiting Cusco? Don’t forget to check out these amazing places.

Although most travelers consider Cusco as the starting point for exploring the most popular tourist attraction of Peru- Machu Pichu- Cusco is an amazing destination in itself and completely worth your time and money.
It is visited by backpackers throughout the year and boasts of an enchanting blend of cobblestone streets, incredible architecture, and the unmatchable Peruvian spirit displayed by locals in their own eccentric style and measure.
From visiting chocolate shops to checking out cafes buzzing with a hipster vibe, getting around Cusco is a treat in itself. Check out some of these places recommended by our travel bloggers who by the way are still in awe of this incredible city.

Koricancha, the Golden Temple of the Sun

Cusco houses ancient gems that define the wealth of Inca and Colonial history. This ancient city was gradually built by kings (Incas) over centuries.
Koricancha is at the center of this beautiful city and is often reckoned as the crown jewel of this former capital of the Inca Empire.
The temple exhibits the finest stone masonry built during the Inca era, and the stones used in building this magnificent structure were brought-in exclusively from the towns of Waqato and Rumicolca.
It is also a visual treat for people interested in Architecture as the structure was built using multiple construction mechanisms (vertical inclination of walls, Trapezoidal shape of structure).
Honoring the Sun God, Koricancha is an excellent specimen of dual-purpose architecture invoking faith and belief of people from all walks of life.

Plaza De Armas

Even though you will walk across this central square of the city on multiple occasions, you have to visit cafes and restaurants situated on the sides of this intersection. Make sure you choose a place which has got at least a second floor so that you can simply look on this beautiful square. It is one of the best sights you will witness in Cusco.

San Pedro Market

If you’re the kind of traveler who wants to soak in all the authenticity of a specific city, then exploring the San Pedro market will be an experience to remember. The vibe of this market represents the real culture of Cusco and it is full of locals from the start to end. Even though Cusco has emerged as a renowned tourist destination, San Pedro market still holds old-school Peruvian charm which will delight your senses to the brim.

Limbus Restobar and View House

Our bloggers seldom consider a trip complete without checking out the best eating places and bars the city has to offer. Limbus, with its amazing outdoor seating area, offers a spectacular view which will rejuvenate even the most worn-out traveler. Whereas, View House, is ‘the hangout spot’ all the backpackers. Both these places serve delicious and much-needed cocktails to help you conclude a tiresome day.

Make sure you check out these places whenever you visit Cusco. Thanks for reading and here’s another important tip for you- After sunset, Cusco gets considerably colder so make sure you wrap yourself in your winter clothes.

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