Where did it start?

About a year ago, there was a restaurant in London which occupied the coveted ‘number one slot’ according to a website which hosts millions of user-generated reviews. Only problem being, it was a fake makeshift restaurant in the garden shed of a local resident’s house.

Word got out!

News did the rounds on social media highlighting how menacing fake reviews can be in propagating a false picture. Believe it or not, the mastermind behind this trick just took 7 months to complete this process. This was the first major incident where people were exposed to a realm of false reality propagated solely by typing in fake/paid reviews on a popular website.

Shook users confidence in reviews

As humans, we place great importance on others’ experiences. Everyone likes to go through reviews of a restaurant in order to understand if the place serves good food or not. For instance, if you read positive reviews about a food joint, you’re likely to place an order or visit the place for yourself. It is this unspoken trust that lingers over such reviews even though they’re written by people you’ve never met or spoken to. Guess this is why the plan was successfully materialized.

How PYT crushes paid reviews

As your go-to travel app for checking out reviews of any place, you can never fall in such a trap. Every PYT user builds a travel network consisting of people they actually know. Within the PYT Ecosystem, only users are allowed to write and subsequently post reviews about locations. Once the review is posted, it is visible to the entire network of the person who wrote the same. As part of such in-app networks, you come across reviews written by people you know. That is just an enormous leap as compared to reading reviews posted by strangers.

Real time connections

Moreover, if a friend from your PYT network posts a review, you can simply initiate the in-app chat and ask relevant questions about the place. Now that is real-time actionable info at your disposal.
It puts you in a position where you consume actionable information to make an informed decision.

This trust that permeates within multiple travel networks is also the sole reason as to why PYT can effortlessly generate trustworthy and actionable info through the length and breadth of the mobile app. PYT is designed in a manner which empowers a traveller to see through the false reality and come across genuine reviews pooled in by members from your very own network.

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