Christmas season is upon us and like the previous year, we wanted to show some love by bringing you an exciting list of the best Christmas markets. They’ve spread across the world so along with buying the best Christmas gifts, you can visit a new destination and soak in the Christmassy vibe. 



Vienna Christmas World, Austria

This prime city of Austria embraces and celebrates Christmas like no other city in the world. Every year during this season, the city is filled with numerous Christmas markets but the Vienna Christmas World on Rathausplatz is a complete experience on its own. Tree of hearts, a towering gateway to welcome its visitors, and more than 150 stalls offering Christmas pleasantries, are among some of the major attractions offered here. 

 It appears as if the city is doused in Christmas spirit and illuminating festive glow which is evident throughout the place. And don’t even get us started about the massive 3000 square meters ice rink which goes on to enthrall visitors till the 6th of January. 

From 15th of November to 26th December
10.00hrs to 21.00hrs
On 24th December- 10.00hrs to 18.00hrs


Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market
It is a treat to witness the Christmas season festivities here and every year, the markets in Cologne are thronged by millions of people who usher in from all over the world to experience the music, crafts, and Christmas decorations of this place. 

As the glassblowers demonstrate their talent, and wreath binders mesmerize the crowds with their art, it is a wonderful experience to witness all of this unfurl in front of your eyes. 

Add some rousing aroma of mulled wine to this adventure and there’s hardly any individual whose heart wouldn’t melt living through this joyous ordeal.

From 25th of November to 23rd of December

Sunday to Wednesday between 11.00hrs to 21.00hrs
Thursday and Friday- 11.00hrs to 22.00hrs
Saturday- 10.00hrs to 22.00hrs  


Old Town Square Christmas Market Prague

We cannot think of a better place to celebrate the festival. Old Town Square is the largest market in Prague and it is right in the center of the town square. The market experiences a health crowd because of its location and is fairly popular among visitors and tourists. The grandeur of Prague Christmas Tree is a kind of spectacle which is mandatory to be observed and relished at the same time. Even though people love getting photographed in front of this massive tree, the pictures can barely manage to justify the beauty of it. 

As the sun dips, this tree adorns a completely different look. We recommend you to check out some of the best live shows performed here and enjoy some of that lip-smacking food they serve. 


Open from 1st of December to 6th of January

Buy gifts between 10.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs



Strasbourg Christmas Market

A delightful sensory journey for every single visitor, this is the birthplace of Christmas celebrations and one of the oldest markets in the European continent.

300 wooden chalets, a huge Christmas tree adorned with lights and ornaments, and the bright streets, are enough to affirm this is indeed the Capital of Christmas. 

Just marvel at the beauty of this market and allow it to take you on an enchanting journey of the exquisitely decorated city. 


From the 23rd of November to the 30th of December

Every day from 11.00hrs to 20.00hrs

Till 21.00hrs and 22.00hrs on Friday and Saturday respectively



Basel Christmas Market, Switzerland

We hope you’ve started humming the Christmas carols by now and if not, then the sheer beauty of Basel Christmas Market at Barfusserplatz will bowl you over with its spectacular exhibitions held at the museum.
Along with rustic wooden chalets and a huge variety of products that work best as gifts, the enchanting ambiance is further accentuated by culinary delights like sausages, waffles, and Swiss raclette providing a rich experience which is worth every penny. 

With 160 stalls stretching between major markets, the place offers plenty for every age group. 


From 28th of November 18.30hrs to 23rd December



Toronto Christmas Market, Toronto, Canada
Considered as a popular event of the holiday season, locals and tourists have proudly stated that the Toronto Christmas Market offers a magical experience. 

The white spruce tree is lit with approximately 40,000 twinkling lights and it towers around 150 meters. 

Santa’s elves breaking into happy tunes, carollers greeting roamers with holiday cheers, the market hosts a vibrant festival along with presenting memorable performances on the main stage. While you’re busy soaking in all of this, don’t forget to pop by Santa’s house and click those mandatory selfies with the man. 


From the 14th of November to the 22nd of December

12.00hrs to 21.00hrs

12.00hrs to 22.00 hrs on Fridays and Saturdays



Winter Village at Bryant Park, New York

Welcome to the largest Christmas market in New York. Our bloggers loved the location of this village as its surrounded by skyscrapers and otherwise, it offers a soul-satisfying gastronomical experience.

Winter village offers many places where you can tend to the shopper hiding inside and check out creative gift ideas and exciting activities. The village sets the spirit high, right in the middle of Manhattan. And did we mention that there’s a 17,000-square-foot ice rink adjacent to this village! 

Just the perfect place to celebrate your Christmas.


From the 31st of October 2019 till February 2020

All hours weather permitting



Winter Wonderland, London

Awaited by locals and tourists, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is one of the most spectacular Christmas destinations in the world. Hyde Park is a quaint place to visit but during the festive season, the winter magic adds loads of charm to this place. The wonderland shop brings you a complete line up of Christmas merchandise ranging from Christmas cards, trees, hats, costumes, and even a reindeer toy.  

This year they’ve also arranged for the world’s tallest transportable observation wheel along with some exciting new themes. 

From the 4th of November to 5th of January 2020

10.00hrs to 22.00hrs


 We hope you like the list we created especially for you. Drop-in a comment and let us know where you want to celebrate this festive season. 


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