‘’To Travel is to live’’


Our travel bloggers have already kickstarted the new year with a bang and created a list of off-beat vacation spots for you to explore and conquer. 


It is important to note here that since we’re mentioning undiscovered or unconventional destinations, they might not suit your travel goals or styles. 

Nonetheless, take a gander and decide for yourself!




Nature, History, and People. 

These are the three main reasons you should consider visiting this 4th largest island in the entire world. Famous for its vibrant and unique wildlife creatures, almost 90 percent of the wildlife and fauna here cannot be found or located anywhere else. Besides, Madagascar boasts rich history and there’s a healthy blend of different cultures brought along by immigrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. All these layers have contributed to the diversity of this unique nation. 




A dream-come-true destination for every traveler, Albania’s natural landscape will bewilder, satiate and calm you, all at the same time. Whether you want to catch a glimpse of towering mountain peaks or just relax at the beach, Albania has got it all and more. For trekking enthusiasts, we suggest you walk through the villages of Theth and Valbona to reach the magnificent Albanian Alps. Whereas Adriatic Coast has serene blue waters for beach lovers. 




White sand beaches, culture, music, and cave networks are some of the strongest selling points here. It is a different country which will intrigue you and we’re sure you will bring back a piece of it with you. Haiti is unlike any other destination and even though it is only 90 minutes away (by air) from Miami, it witnesses a handful of travelers every year. 




A country which is far from the reach of any tourist. A country which is complicated, endearing, and on multiple occasions, overwhelming for any and every visitor. From finding tigers in mangrove forests to cycling through lush green tea estates, Bangladesh is intense and a perfect example of an off-beat destination. The country is hardly visited by tourists or travelers. But we assure you that you will have a blast traveling through this country because of the countless human interactions you will experience. 



Republic of Georgia

There is a saying in Georgia which says that ‘when you’re in Georgia, you don’t need to make plans because the locals you meet will do that for you and create adventures.’ Beautiful mountain ranges, amazing food, and splendid architecture are the primary points of this country but the highlight is the friendly and endearing nature of its residents. 




We just cannot stress how beautiful and incredible this country is. Travelers often ignore Bolivia because of its popular neighbors like Peru and Chile. The route to Salar De Uyuni is unique. It offers jaw-dropping landscapes with green lakes and never-ending salt flats. Visually, these landscapes appear like the work of a painter- vivid, imaginative, and otherworldly. If you ever visit Bolivia, do not forget to check out Lake Titicaca and our collective favorite La Paz which is also the capital of the country. 




Consider a country which is 90 percent mountainous and consists of surreal landscape throughout and you’ve got a hint of what Kyrgyzstan is. You can learn a lot from the nomadic people here as they tend to utilize everything that comes under their not-so-permanent roof. Kyrgyzstan is similar to Mecca for every trekker and the good news is that due to community-based tourism, visitors can book homestays and hire guides as well. 



Reykjavik in Iceland

We decided to be a little more specific because if you are interested in viewing nature’s miracles, then we suggest you to look further than the ‘northern lights’ of Norway and check out this amazing city. Reykjavik is the largest city and the capital of Iceland. Bear in mind that it offers a subpolar oceanic climate. The National and Saga museums here have artifacts that will help you follow the Viking history of the Icelandic people. 



A country that can surprise you in numerous ways, Ethiopia also offers trekking options in the Gheralta Mountains but what strikes the most is the strong connection between the past and present of this country. This is largely due to reverence towards the rituals and as a matter of fact, Ethiopia’s depth of history and culture dates back to 2000 years. Add churches that are carved emerge from the ground, delicious food, and castles to the equation and you get the perfect offbeat destination that is void of tourists and full of experiences. 



We hope you like these destinations as much as our bloggers do. 

For any query, feel free to comment and if you’ve been to an offbeat location, feel free to share your experience in the comment section. We’d love to read! 


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