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Driving through the jungle, exploring the flora and fauna of a region, and watching majestic wild animals in their habitat; a wildlife safari trip is a dream-cum-true for adventure seekers and wildlife lovers. 


At Picture Your Travel, we decided to curate the best wildlife safari tours and trips for you. 

Here’s our list-

Brazil Pantanal and Amazon Wildlife Safari

Combining the Brazilian Pantanal Region and the Amazon Rainforest expedition gives you an excellent opportunity to explore the largest rainforest in the world along with witnessing the most unique landscapes of Pantanal. Termed as the ‘ultimate safari adventure vacation’ by avid travelers from all over the world. 

While the rainforest offers a great deal of biodiversity, Pantanal wetlands stretch over 70,000 square miles as the home to more than 650 species of birds. The Amazon Rainforest is a popular destination but the Pantanal region is a little difficult to access and is known as the hidden gem of this beautiful South-American country. 


Best time to visit – Between May and November


Kruger National Park
One of the most famous parks in South Africa, Kruger National Park is massive and it competes with a small country in terms of size (near about 20,000 square kilometers) and dimensions. The park accommodates an extensive variety of wildlife and the big 5 ( lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo) are spread across the park in large numbers. Considering the mammoth size of this park, there’s a well laid-out road network and travelers can rent cars and drive around on their own. 

Travelers can choose from a variety of accommodations according to their budget and other preferences. Kruger hosts khandzalive which is the highest peak here and if you plan this year, we suggest you visit Olifants camp as they offer splendid views of the landscape. 


Best time to visit – May to September



Ranthambore National Park

Located in Rajasthan, India, this national park is visited by wildlife photographers and admirers throughout the year. Ranthambore is famous for tiger-sightings and it is a treat to witness the fierce predator in its habitat. Dated structures in the park are reminiscent of the bygone era and there are plenty of water bodies used by wild animals to quench their thirst. Named after the fort that sits atop the hill lends historical pertinence to this otherwise magnificent park. The huge park is scouted using internal transportation and there are plenty of options to stay and enjoy the wildlife of this sanctuary. 


Best time to visit – October to April



Serengeti National Park

Serengeti which means ‘endless plains’ is a massive piece of land spreading across 14,750 square kilometers. Located in Tanzania, Serengeti is home to different species of mammals and every year, the wildebeest migration is a spectacle to behold. 


For bird watchers, this park is a treat as the area authorities and experts have identified more than 500 varieties of bird species. Recent surveys have also concluded that Serengeti is home to near about 3000 lions. With plenty of places to stay in this ecosystem, adventure seekers can visit this amazing park by choosing a suitable travel package. 


Best time to visit – June to October (Wildebeest migration)



Nairobi National Park

Considered as one of the most accessible experiences in Kenya, Nairobi National Park has abundant wildlife and as it borders a capital city, you can view skyscrapers in the backdrop but that’s just limited to some places in the park. Considering how close this is to the city, it is delightful to watch how animals are engrossed in their routines and are oblivious towards movements within the city. There are more than 50 black rhinos in the park and the wetlands here sustain 400 species of birds. 


Best time to visit- Throughout the year but June to September are dry seasons ideal for animal sightings. 



Maasai Mara Reserve

Located in the great rift valley, the reserve is a fairly popular travel and wildlife destination in Africa. Offering a wide selection of places to stay, you have the option to choose your favorite safari as well. As this spectacular reserve witnesses the great migration, you can book a safari during that interval and comfortably spend around 3 days here and witness how 95 species of mammals and 569 species of birds create the most incredible ecosystem that Maasai Mara is. 


Best time to visit – July to October





Ngorongoro Crater Safari

Supporting nearly 25,000 animals, Ngorongoro Crater is a deep volcanic crater. It covers around 300 square kilometers and the popular residents here are wildebeest, zebra, elephant, waterbuck, reedbuck, hippo, and bushbuck among others. Lake Magadi attracts golden jackals and they’re usually followed and hunted by lions and hyenas. The grassland within Ngorongoro Crater is the busiest spot here and guarantees wildlife action for the spectators. Visitors love the grassland which is usually included in every safari route. 


Best time to visit – Throughout the year

For grass on the crater floor- June to September 



Africa and India have been bestowed with jaw-dropping landscapes and abundant wildlife. We’ve tried to bring the best wildlife safari destinations and reserves for you. We hope these places get you all charged up for your next wildlife adventure. Do leave a comment and let us know if you want us to cover more wildlife safaris. 


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